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Victoria BROWN

founder & owner

What’s Up everybody! I’m Victoria, founder of Dance Therapy 508.  The goal was to become a back up dancer for Janet Jackson…yeah that didn’t happen. here I am hosting Dance 

Parties and working on my goal of building a cultural dance program and creating a much need dance scene here on the Cape.

I currently study African, Hip Hop and Krump and train with amazing dancers and choreographers Junior Cuis, Ramiro Vaughan and Russell Ferguson of Boston . I was a under study to Carl Alleyne, founder of Boston Mobile Dance Studio and founder of the Beantown Lockers. For 10+ years I've danced with Tara Murphy and Cape Cod African Dance and Drum, a West African dance ensemble and Benkadi, a West African group in Cambridge. I created Dance Therapy 508 to provide a fun energetic environment where everybody is encouraged to turn up and have a good time. Music is who has always been there for me the most and dance allows me to express myself. Music is my medicine and dance is my therapy.

“Being able to share what I love to do is a blessing and I invite you to come on my journey”