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Victoria BROWN

founder & owner

For me...Music is medicine ....dancing is therapy. My mother put me in ballet and tap classes at the age of three. As I got older I started exploring other styles of dance such as belly dancing, hip hop and West African.

I currently train with Junior Cius, an amazing hip hop dancer and choreographer from Boston . I also study under Carl Alleyne, founder of Boston Mobile Dance Studio and founder of the Beantown Lockers. For 10+ years I've danced with Tara Murphy and Cape Cod African Dance and Drum, a West African dance ensemble and Benkadi, a West African group in Cambridge.  I created Dance Therapy 508 to provide a fun energetic environment where everybody is encouraged to turn up and have a good time. I feel dance is a way to express myself, release energy & emotion , relieve stress , release bad toxins.....its my outlet . The idea of Dance Therapy 508 is to help you get fit, have fun and most of all feel confident. I don't care if you can't dance well, just get up and dance. I know it can be nerve wracking, but one thing I've learned to do is laugh at myself and that's exactly what I do when I find myself having a dance blooper. I cringe at the sight of people standing around in a dance class or on the dance floor. It's all about feeling the music, finding your groove and creating YOUR vibe.

“Being able to share what I love to do is a blessing and I invite you to come on my journey”